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  • Seedfolks' Companion

    Teach a novel for ESL? Of course. Seedfolks has infatuated readers of all ages since 1997, and has been chosen as a Citywide Read in communities across the country. The author is Paul Fleischman, a Newberry Award winner — one of many other awards. From the very first page, students won’t fail to...

  • Begin In English

    Begin in English: Vocabulary-Expanding Short Stories for Launched Beginners
    Judith Bailey

    Begin in English, a low level reader, encourages students to read by making them enjoy it. The volumes contain 14 delightful short stories, plays, some biography and history, and folk tales retold. They have been widely used in ESL...

  • The Complete Listening-Speaking Course

    The Complete Listening-Speaking Course: Student Centered, Teacher Guided
    David Christiansen

    This major opus covers the semester, with emphasis on student centered activities guided by the teacher. A strong feature, Pronunciation Practice, includes minimal pairs, intonation patterns, word reduction and linking words, word stress, word endings. Over four hours of listening practice...

  • Rhythm and Role Play

    Rhythm and Role Play
    by Carolyn Graham
    Cartoons by Sergio Aragones

    In this text, enjoyment becomes part of the process of learning. Carolyn Graham and Sergio Aragones here combine their talents. This multifaceted volume enlivens English As A Second Language classrooms for middle school through adult classes, from low intermediate through advanced...

  • Life Goes Wrong for Harvey

    Interactive Dilemmas for Reading, Writing and Conversation

    From the very start poor Harvey is awash with dilemmas. Everything goes wrong for this sweet, well-meaning character, with his highly over-active imagination. He is equally endearing and clueless, and bumbles his way into hilarious, wild predicaments from which he must choose a...

  • Comics And Conversation

    Comics and Conversation
    More Comics and Conversation
    New Comics and Conversation

    Using Humor to Elicit Conversation and
    Develop Vocabulary

    Sergio Aragones

    Becoming conversational is most learners’ main purpose in studying a foreign language. With approaches to language acquisition varied as they are, the best curriculum should be eclectic. This humorous material...

  • From the Beginning

    From the Beginning: A First Reader In American History
    Judith Bailey

    This broad brush stroke of American history is intended for foreign students and native English speakers who need and want to know how the United States got to be as it is now. It is written in simple language,...

  • Off-the-Wall Skits with Phrasal Verbs

    Off-the-Wall Skits with Phrasal Verbs
    Bonnie Trenga

    Unconventional, as Webster’s Dictionary defines “off-the-wall,” and highly original in concept, this playful text/workbook will open your classroom to a breath of fresh air. Lively skits, embedded with phrasal verbs, put students in the frame of mind to relax and have fun while...

  • Great Short Stories for Listening-Speaking

    Great Short Stories for Listening-Speaking: Easy Reading Adaptations
    David Christiansen

    No one can resist a great story. Here is a handful of some of the world’s best, adapted to make them accessible to low-intermediate through advanced students. You will find works by Rudyard Kipling, Edgar Allan Poe, Anton Chekhov, O.Henry,...
  • The Talking Edge

    The Talking Edge: Co-operActivities in Easy Communication
    Michelle Buehring

    Very high Interest contemporary social issues are the basis of this rare 3rd to 4th reading level text. The Talking Edge is designed to help low level students express themselves with a wealth of new vocabulary. Vocabulary which is beyond 4th level...

  • Americana Student Book

    Americana: Historical Spotlights in Story and Song
    and Americana Easy Reader
    Myrtis Mixon

    This is really one book in two versions. The Easy Reader works for the low intermediate level, with short sentences, simple vocabulary, and generally easy exercises. The other, the high intermediate to advanced text, details events more finely and...

  • 47% American

    47% American: Young Adults Coping with Cultural Issues
    Lucie Germer

    Facing cultural issues as well as problems of adolescence is a daily way of life for thousands of young foreign students. Three different sets of their peers include Americans, students of other countries and those of their own nationality. As to...

  • Decision Dramas

    Decision Dramas: Real Language for Real Life
    Barbara Radin

    Engage students instantly with questions on personal, social and school life. In each unit a weighty problem is posed. Background information is given, and vocabulary necessary for discussion is explained. Subject matter includes job or housing discrimination, mixed marriage, divorce, AIDS,...

  • A Different Angle

    A Different Angle: Co-operActivities in Communication
    Michelle Buehring

    As English language learners, joining in a conversation is sometimes not an easy thing to do. Many students feel they need certain information or feel they don’t have enough vocabulary to talk intelligently about a topic. Others don’t have confidence in expressing...