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47% American

47% American: Young Adults Coping with Cultural Issues
Lucie Germer

Facing cultural issues as well as problems of adolescence is a daily way of life for thousands of young foreign students. Three different sets of their peers include Americans, students of other countries and those of their own nationality. As to adults they must deal both with their parents and their teachers whose requirements and expectations often differ. 47% American is a practical reading-conversation-writing book designed to help them develop strategies for coping.

In twenty-six chapters you meet a multicultural class of intermediate ESL students. Each lesson highlights a student from a different country facing a typical dilemma related to family, school or friends. Your students will see themselves mirrored. Reading sections introduce the situation. Following this, individual and group exercises enable students to get essential information about American culture and school and community rules. Students develop skills in addressing the expectations of the adult world, discover local resources and learn to use them and practice dealing effectively with emotions generated by the situation. Simulations, role-play and games comprise the lessons’ conversation segments. Journals and writing exercises offer practice in putting thoughts on paper.

Used as a supplement, this work will add great dimension to the ESL curriculum. It could easily serve as the mainstay of the course with the addition of a good grammar text. Either way, students will become involved as never before in thoughtful conversation and in finding constructive approaches to life in their new surroundings.

Low intermediate to Advanced.

Teacher’s Guide

The Teacher’s Guide is a sensitivity course in the true sense of that phrase. It is written with keen insight by Dr. Germer, a most experienced, empathetic and articulate practitioner in the field. It speaks fairly to opposing points of view on cultural issues. The writing is straightforward. It offers advice on conducting the lessons and managing the classroom. It gives background information for each situation, including reference to specific cultures, troubleshooting suggestions as well as the answer key.

A glance at the contents will confirm its timeliness. Subjects include: responsibility for younger siblings and/or older adults, dating an American, earrings and tattoos, pregnancy, differing family and school expectations, stereotypes, homesickness, to name a few. They all hit home in the multicultural classroom.

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  • ISBN: 0-943327-17-2