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A Different Angle

A Different Angle: Co-operActivities in Communication
Michelle Buehring

As English language learners, joining in a conversation is sometimes not an easy thing to do. Many students feel they need certain information or feel they don’t have enough vocabulary to talk intelligently about a topic. Others don’t have confidence in expressing their own opinions. The goal of A Different Angle is to give them the opportunity to discuss some very important and controversial issues affecting American society today. A Different Angle also helps them to understand the similarities and differences of values across cultures.

Stories in the textbook are extremely interesting and really make students think. Activities and exercises help them understand the subject matter and reinforce new vocabulary. They are lively and fun to do. Students get a lot of opportunity to speak up and give opinions on a variety of topics. They don’t have to be afraid to say what they think because there are no right or wrong answers.

What is your stand on capital punishment? Do animals have rights? Is there a government cover up on UFOs? Are viruses being stored in laboratories a danger to society? Should university students have required courses?

True conversation happens when there is something interesting to talk about. A Different Angle features actual news stories adapted from newspaper and magazine articles that have had people talking for months. It was written with the intermediate to advanced ESL/EFL student in mind. Each news story in the text provides students with the historical background and cultural aspects necessary to discuss the issue knowledgeably and intelligently. Suggested classroom activities and follow up exercises foster discussions in which students must consider issues from all points of view-all angles. A Different Angle encourages students to compare cross-cultural values, personality and character traits of their fellow classmates. They are challenged to communicate as they give advice, state an opinion, predict an outcome, or make a decision about the situation before them.

The Teacher’s Guide serves as a manual for all the Co-operActivities in the text. It contains information on how to present each chapter, gives ideas for homework assignments and has answers to all fill-in exercises. All Co-operActivities listed in the Table of Contents are italicized boldface in the Teacher’s Guide. To order click

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  • ISBN: 0-943327-19-9