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Americana Student Book

Americana: Historical Spotlights in Story and Song
and Americana Easy Reader
Myrtis Mixon

This is really one book in two versions. The Easy Reader works for the low intermediate level, with short sentences, simple vocabulary, and generally easy exercises. The other, the high intermediate to advanced text, details events more finely and offers a greater range of vocabulary and more challenging exercises. The songs in both versions are the same, the illustrations and maps are identical. The only difference between them is the reading level. The advantage of having both these versions in mixed level classes is obvious. All students will be reading essentially the same story, at their comfortable level, and they will all sing the same songs together.

What is offered here is possibly the ultimate enhancement to any ESL, American history or social studies class. Well researched history is interwoven with popular culture in fifteen episodes. Immigrants, industrialists, railroad workers, political activists, diplomats and environmentalists people these pages.

Historical spotlights shine on a cowboy as he runs into trouble herding cattle on the Old Chisholm Trail. Darling Clementine and Sweet Betsy from Pike live the adventures of their songs. Students will read the stories, recite the poetry, follow the maps and sing the songs from the book.

In both versions a great variety of exercises reinforces vocabulary and provides opportunities for conversation, reading and writing. The music students will learn is part of America’s most enduring repertoire.

Also available is a compact disk Americana: Historical Spotlights in Song. With it, students sing along, accompanying an excellent folk-singing group.

Grade 5 through Adult, both versions of text

Music, Stories for Low intermediate – Intermediate

Download a sample PDF of Americana

Download a sample PDF of the Easy Reader

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  • ISBN: 0-943327- 13-X

  • ISBN: 0-943327-21-0