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Begin In English

Begin in English: Vocabulary-Expanding Short Stories for Launched Beginners
Judith Bailey

Begin in English, a low level reader, encourages students to read by making them enjoy it. The volumes contain 14 delightful short stories, plays, some biography and history, and folk tales retold. They have been widely used in ESL classes for the “launched beginner”: adolescents and adults who know some English and are familiar with the present and continuous tenses. Controlled word lists come from Oxford Picture Dictionary of American English, and Robert J. Dixson’s 2,000 Most Frequently Used Words in English.

At this low level, students do not have enough language with which to express themselves. Reading easy stories, which are not grammar based, and looking up words in their dictionaries as needed offers them the opportunity to acquire a great deal of new vocabulary quickly. A simple step-by-step dictionary lesson precedes the stories for this purpose.

Also available are word for word CD recordings of the stories which students can use for practicing pronunciation. To order click

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