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Comics And Conversation

Comics and Conversation
More Comics and Conversation
New Comics and Conversation

Using Humor to Elicit Conversation and
Develop Vocabulary

Sergio Aragones

Becoming conversational is most learners’ main purpose in studying a foreign language. With approaches to language acquisition varied as they are, the best curriculum should be eclectic. This humorous material is a valid variation to elicit conversation and broaden vocabulary. It is a real delight to students. They leave the class smiling, feeling successful, and go home eager to entertain family and friends in retelling their stories.

These volumes each contain 22 witty, uncaptioned cartoon stories with pictorial punchlines that beg to be described. They provide delightfully informal, unstructured conversation, vocabulary and writing lessons for foreign language students. The cartoons vary in length, detail and complexity, to accommodate differing time requirements and levels of ability. They are of particular interest to junior high through adult classes, beginners through advanced levels.

The stories are perfect for multilevel classes, a joy to the substitute teacher, and an asset to Advanced Placement foreign language programs, both for conversation and written work. To order click 

Cartoons by Sergio Aragones of MAD Magazine

Grade 5 to Adult

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