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Decision Dramas

Decision Dramas: Real Language for Real Life
Barbara Radin

Engage students instantly with questions on personal, social and school life. In each unit a weighty problem is posed. Background information is given, and vocabulary necessary for discussion is explained. Subject matter includes job or housing discrimination, mixed marriage, divorce, AIDS, abortion, extended families, etc.

One student takes the prime role of decision-maker, who must seek advice. Each of the other class members takes a specific part as an advice-giver: mother, father, girl or boyfriend, school advisor, work supervisor, doctor or cleric. This means that everybody thoroughly understands the problem and addresses it in a way their particular role demands. They will speak improvisationally. How would mothers or fathers advise their child? What would a girl friend counsel? What would a school advisor say? Following exercises consist of conversation practice and written work which reinforce new vocabulary and give plenty of opportunities to use real language in challenging real life dramas. To order click 

For grades 11-12 through Adults

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  • ISBN: 0-943327-12-1