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From the Beginning

From the Beginning: A First Reader In American History
Judith Bailey

This broad brush stroke of American history is intended for foreign students and native English speakers who need and want to know how the United States got to be as it is now. It is written in simple language, in the historical present tense, for junior high through adult classes at a low intermediate level. The book can be used to supplement a core text in an American history class, or simply as good reading. Exercises deal with reading comprehension, vocabulary, discussion and writing.

Major events and the people who shaped them are depicted, from before the first European visitors to the continent to the present day. Each of the sixteen chapters begins with a general overview of a period, followed by two or three biographies or stories which provide insight into the drama or controversy of that time. Very fast moving and clearly focused, cursory yet comprehensive, the book gives the reader a summary knowledge of the diverse people, the philosophies and institutions of the United States.

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  • ISBN: 0-943327-07-5