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Life Goes Wrong for Harvey

Interactive Dilemmas for Reading, Writing and Conversation

From the very start poor Harvey is awash with dilemmas. Everything goes wrong for this sweet, well-meaning character, with his highly over-active imagination. He is equally endearing and clueless, and bumbles his way into hilarious, wild predicaments from which he must choose a way out. This is where the fun begins for us. Two choices are offered at the end of each episode. Half the class chooses one way out; the other half chooses a second way. We are never disappointed in either choice because weird, wonderful, totally unexpected things always occur. After reading our choice, we interactively compare the outcome with that of the other half of the class; (of course there is no way to keep from reading the other choice, even if only for pleasure).

Lots of interesting vocabulary, usage, a good amount of creative writing and role-playing keeps the class busy for many happy hours. Broad humor, great intelligence underlie these ingenious misadventures.

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  • ISBN: 978-0-943327-34-1