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Off-the-Wall Skits with Phrasal Verbs

Off-the-Wall Skits with Phrasal Verbs
Bonnie Trenga

Unconventional, as Webster’s Dictionary defines “off-the-wall,” and highly original in concept, this playful text/workbook will open your classroom to a breath of fresh air. Lively skits, embedded with phrasal verbs, put students in the frame of mind to relax and have fun while learning new vocabulary.

Twenty chapters each feature 6 phrasal verbs. Two introductory conversations follow each one, providing staging for two related skits. Intermediate and advanced learners will delight in a semester’s worth of practice, using English as spoken among friends.

Fanciful cartoons by Richard A. Goldberg capture the off-the-wall situations, setting the mood with great whimsy and style. Students will clamor for each lesson. You’ll see why.

High Intermediate — Advanced, Grade 7 — Adult

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  • ISBN: 0-943327-28-8