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Seedfolks' Companion

Teach a novel for ESL? Of course. Seedfolks has infatuated readers of all ages since 1997, and has been chosen as a Citywide Read in communities across the country. The author is Paul Fleischman, a Newberry Award winner — one of many other awards. From the very first page, students won’t fail to be drawn into this compelling tale — this work of art. The book is very short. The story is timeless. In thirteen chapters, thirteen apartment house neighbors of various colors, ages and nationalities speak in their own voices. The common link: a large empty city-owned lot. A little Vietnamese girl plants a few beans to grow and thrive, so her father, a farmer who died a few months before her birth, would be proud of her. Each character, for his or her own reason, joins in what becomes a lovely community garden that “sprouts” neighbors as well as fruits, vegetables and flowers. Their differences disappear with their shared joy in making this small Eden.

Seedfolks’ Companion Student’s Work-Text offers group discussions, writing, predicting outcomes, metaphor/simile exercises, phrasal verbs, character analysis, pros/cons, compare/contrast, map work, geography. The novel, used with this Work-Text together, will make for a most enjoyable and challenging classroom adventure. 

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  • ISBN: 798-0-943327-40-2