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The Talking Edge

The Talking Edge: Co-operActivities in Easy Communication
Michelle Buehring

Very high Interest contemporary social issues are the basis of this rare 3rd to 4th reading level text. The Talking Edge is designed to help low level students express themselves with a wealth of new vocabulary. Vocabulary which is beyond 4th level is glossed after each reading. Chapters each deal with a different, timely, controversial issue in the news, from trivial to profound, tailored specifically to this level. Students read, sometimes independently, sometimes in pairs or groups. They discuss, write, and engage in a great variety of Co-operActivities that ensure comprehension, as well as offer practice in expressing their opinions.

The Talking Edge will help pave the way to fluency in daily life as well as in the classroom.

High Beginning to Low Intermediate, Grade 7 through Adult

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  • ISBN: 0-943327-23-7